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Link to Subsonic Ammo
Link to Subsonic Lee Enfield No4mkI
Link to Parker-Hale Model 82 Sniper Rifle 1
Link to Parker-Hale Model 82 Sniper Rifle 2
Link to Spanish Special Purpose FR8 Carbine
Link to WINCHESTER Model 1300 DEFENDER Shotgun
Link to Lee Enfield No4mkI Long Branch
Link to Sharp Innova .22 Air Rifle
Link to Parker-Hale Model 85 Sniper Rifle
Link to miscellanious firearms gallery
Link to Marlin MODEL 70PSS "PAPOOSE" self-loading takedown carbine
Link to MAGTECH Model MT-22-C .22 Rifle
That period of my life is over.
Collection is SOLD. Nothing left.
Firearms I use to have during my years with
    Wellington Service Rifle Association
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