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Amateur Radio Callsign ZL2TTB
Maritime Radio Callsign ZMY-7576

State University                      B.E. in Radio Frequency and Electronics
of Radio and Electronics
      1968 - 1974
             (NZQA 14.12.95)
54-years universal experience in design, prototyping and manufacturing support of various RF, TV and telecommunications equipment and other electronics and test equipment.

Experienced in automatic and manual test and calibration processes
Radio Frequency and telecommunication field experience
Laboratory testing, upgrading and calibration of manufactured RF and electronic equipment.

Experienced in application of various laboratory test and measurement equipment including signal generators, TV-signal generators, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, selective microvoltmeters, power/SWR-meters, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers etc.

Maintenance and repair of radio, TV, video, audio and other professional equipment.

Extensive experience in valve technology.

Extensive work experience in Sound Conservation Services, Sound media restoration (vinyl disks, tapes) and Electronics Development working for The National Library of New Zealand, for The Archives New Zealand as a Contractor, Sound Equipment Engineer-Designer:

Review and rationalize of equipment used by Sound Conservation Services

Redesign to Customer specifications, maintenance, repair and restoration of equipment used by Sound Conservation Services

Sound Equipment Standards Research

Custom design and manufacture of Standard Alignment and Calibration Tapes according to various Sound Recording Equipment Standards.

Extensive work experience in RF equipment repair and calibration working for NZ broadcasting radio stations and Government organizations as a Contractor, RF and Sound Equipment Engineer