Suitable for Playback Head Azimuth alignment of any Cassette Tape Deck using a dual trace oscilloscope (minimum difference in phase between channels) or an AC millivoltmeter (maximum Output Level)

Only new TDK, TEAC, MAXELL, SONY, AMPEX or RTM 17u tape is used when recording. Azimuth cassettes are recorded IN SHELL using a tape recorder with Record head azimuth control during recording.

Time Constant: 3180us + 70us

Record Level: 20dB below 200nWb/m @ 400Hz. To order a cassette with different Record Level go to the TEAC Calibration Cassettes or
SONY Calibration Cassettes page.

Frequency fluctuation: +/-0.01% measured

Vertical azimutn angle: 90 degr. +/- 2 min

Duration 10 min recorded in the MIDDLE of the Tape from 2 min 30 sec to 12 min 30 sec for the 1-7/8 ips tape.
15 kHz Azimuth Cassette sample

15 kHz Azimuth Cassette sample

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This 15 kHz Cassette is equivalent to Nakamichi DA09004A Test Cassettes
GennLab Azimuth Alignment Cassettes
Following options are available
315 Hz, 6.3, 8, 10, 12.5, 14 or 15 kHz Azimuth Test Cassette/Tape
Please note. These cassettes are 90 degrees  ANGLE cassettes. They can not be used to equalize channel outputs or as Frequency Response cassettes
To specify cassette Frequency from the following options:
315 Hz, 6.3 kHz, 8 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 14 kHz, 15 kHz, and
cassette Speed from the following options:
1-7/8 ips (4.7625 cm/sec), 3-3/4 ips (9.525 cm/sec), 7-1/2 ips (19.05 cm/sec)
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Azimuth Cassette
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