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- I have Gennady's tapes for the Dolby level cal, 3Khz 1 7/8" speed, and 15KHZ azimuth, (the key ones for me for Nak maintenance) and can vouch for their performance.. excellent tapes. I see no difference between Gennady's tapes and my Nak factory tapes.. I'll qualify that in that I only have a T-100.. no scope.
Apart from being a match to the factory tapes, for me anyway, they are available locally in NZ and made in NZ by a complete gentleman with a passion for our gear.. which for us Antipodeans is great, and very reasonably priced too.
- FWIW I use a set of these tapes to 'tune up' my own decks here in NZ, and
am very happy with them. (I've added in the 3Khz speed, and 15Khz
alignment to make the basic set for Nakking)

They perform equivalent to the genuine Nakamichi factory tapes I own, and
are easily obtainable at a fair price. IME, most genuine test tapes I
have come across are overly expensive and pretty well 'stuffed' from years
of use.

I'll add a caveat in that I have met the seller (a list-member here also).
Gennady has a passion for our decks, and is a thoroughly nice person.
- I have just received the test tapes from Gennadi.
These tapes are great , they perform just like the original Naks.
I believe that those tapes are a must have for all Nak lovers , and they are worth
every $ pay for them.
- I purchased both a 400Hz 200nWm tape and a 15kHz -20dB tape from the guy in New Zealand (Gennady Lyskin) after emailing him about the way these tapes are made. He uses an Otari MX5050 open reel deck modified to run 1/8" tape and has an impressive calibration system to assure correct flux levels.
Yes, they're expensive but real test tapes have always been so due to the fact that they can't be mass produced and require very specialized and perfectly maintained equipment.
I have found these tape to be of excellent quality and am using them rather than my quite tired Nakamichi tapes for all calibrations.
- Alignment Tape Speed 15/16" 2.38 cm/sec 3 kHz
Excellent trade, thank you. Prompt contact & delivery.
- Alignment Tape Speed 3-3/4" 9.53 cm/sec 3 kHz
Excellent trade, thank you. Prompt contact & delivery.
- Alignment Tape. Azimuth 15 kHz Test Cassette
Very quick, good trade. Thanks.
- Alignment Tape. Azimuth 15 kHz Test Cassette
Prompt shipment. Good packaging
- Alignment Tape. Frequency Response 20 kHz 70us
AAA+++ thanks for your fast delivery and good response
- Dolby Level Cassette tape: 200 nWb/m, 400 Hz
I received the cassette tape on the 30 th October, 2012. I have used it to check some cassette decks of mine. All is good. Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
- Alignment Cassettes
Your alignment tapes are excellent, and I guess you have done all of the research on this matter, so I am happy I have the correct tapes...After the full refurbish of the ZX-9 and alignment using the tapes I purchased from you, the machine sounds fantastic...
- Alignment Cassettes
I have used Gennady's alignment tapes to refurbish a Nakamichi 482, 670ZX, ZX9 and 2 680ZX machines and have found them to be excellent in terms of accuracy and quality. I have also received helpful correspondence from Gennady when required. My collection includes the Nakamichi 400Hz level, 3kHz speed, 15kHz azimuth, and a selection of frequency response reference tapes. I will never own original Nakamichi alignment tapes, as any available second hand would most likely be very well used (unless the full history is known)and out of tolerance so these skillfully made alignment tapes are the next best thing. Thanks Gennady for your efforts, as without your alignment tapes, my hobby would be much harder to pursue.
David King
- Alignment Cassettes
Great communication, and tapes arrived well packed and in perfect condition. These will help keep my Portastudios and Superscope in tip-top condition.
Thank you Gennady.
- Alignment Cassettes
Thank you received cassette in good condition and as described highly recommended.
- Alignment Cassettes 07A and 87B
I received the tapes today. They got here (USA) in 11 days which I believe is excellent. I am very happy to see that you are producing these tapes and I plan to order more from you in the future.
- Dolby Level Cassette : 200 nWb/m, 400 Hz
A few weeks ago we ordered an alignment cassette from you and received it in the mail. It works great by the way.
Tina, USA
- Dolby Level Cassette : 200 nWb/m, 400 Hz
My 4OO hertz cassette tape is arrived to France in two weeks with no shipping problem and good package, now I just to check my cassette decks with her for more accuracy and compatibility. Thank you
Gilbert from France
- Alignment Cassettes: Speed: 1-7/8 ips 3kHz,  Azimuth 6.3 kHz, Azimuth 12.5 kHz
Hi Gennady Lyskin, I have received the tapes, and was able to fix my cassette player. Thanks,
Steven, Canada
- Alignment Cassettes: Dolby Level Cassette : 200 nWb/m, 400 Hz,
Speed: 1-7/8 ips 3kHz,  Azimuth Cassette 10 kHz.
Hello Gennady, Thank you for sending the alignment/service tapes so soon. They work well and have been able to use them to test and adjust. They will be useful in maintaining my cassette players. The tapes arrived in good condition. Thank you for a good repair tool.
Barret, USA
- Alignment Cassettes: Dolby Level Cassette : 200 nWb/m, 400 Hz, DIN Level Cassette : 250 nWb/m, 315 Hz, Azimuth Cassette 10 kHz.
I need more tapes, do you have more at the same price?
Claudia, Library of Congress, USA
-Alignment Cassettes: 1 kHz TEAC Level Cassette.
Thanks for the 2 Cassettes, we test our product now , the Cassettes are functional. We will be in contact for the next Cassettes that we require.
Best Regards: Ricardo, USA
-The 3kHz 1-7/8 ips cassette arrived today. 7 days to the USA, Not bad!
-Ordered the Tandberg Cass. No.21, 1000 Hz, 1-7/8 ips Speed Cassette.
As described & very fast delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot.
-Your reproductions of cassettes for the azimuth (15khz), W & F (3khz) and mechanical tracking Sankyo (Nakamichi GL) are excellent, this will allow me to less damaged the originals while comparing the final results.
Thanks Lyskin for your work
- Azimuth 10 kHz Calibration Cassette.
Thanks Gennady, your excellent product is highly appreciated.
- Alignment Cassettes: DIN Level Cassette : 250 nWb/m, 315 Hz
Hi Gennady, Just a quick note to let you know the tape arrived today in perfect condition, my Beocord 9000’s and 8004’s thank you!
Best regards
Ben, UK
- Alignment Cassettes: SONY P-4-L81 and P-4-A82
Both Sony cassette arrived in perfect conditions.
They are much better than my older and used Test cassettes from TEAC and ABEX for the same price !
Thank you for your very good services
Best regards
- This is our second order, the first shipped cassettes are very, very useful. The quality of your cassettes is out of every discussion, ... worldwide!
Yours sincerely Florian
-Thanks for the Azimuth 10Khz cassettetape, it came fine. Keep on the good work! Now i can finish up my now restored Revox B710 MK1 & MK2 cassette decks!
Thanks again & greetings,
Jos (A.L.)
- Dolby Level Cassette : 200 nWb/m.The item was delivered quickly and well packaged.Communication and status reporting was very good. The item is of excellent quality and I am very happy with the purchase. Highly recommended.
Alan, UK
- Ordered the Tandberg Cass. No.24. As described & fast delivery.
It works like a charm. Thanks
- Gennady is a pleasure to work with. Tapes arrived very quickly.
Quality is exceptional! Thank you!
Gerhard, US
- I bought from you two (Nakamichi equivalent G.L) frequency response tapes, the DA09001B and the DA09003B, they are very good, thank you so much Gennady.
Cédric from France
- I purchased "5Hz RAMM Speed ??Check Cassette", but the quality is very good. Reply by e-mail was fast, shipping packing was good and it was a safe transaction. Now it is a valuable compact cassette. Now, the maintenance of Nakamichi 1000ZXL seems to be perfect. Thank you.
Yukio, Japan
-The tapes (Pioneer equivalent cassettes) arrived safe and intact to the post office...First tests seems to work fine...Level from tapes is very stable...Thanks for keeping the analog references alive :) highly appreciated :).
Peter, Sweden.
- Alignment Cassette 07A.
The test tape has been received, it is a beautiful product. Thanks and Regards.
-Alignment Cassettes: TEAC MTT-150. Dolby 400 Hz 200 nWb/m and MTT-111DN. 3 kHz Speed, W&F -4 dB Cassettes.
I was looking around for calibration cassettes to keep my vintage tape decks in calibration after I did some repairs. Saw plenty of Chinese made duplicate copies of various tapes on eBay, but I found GennLab instead. Glad I did, got my decks calibrated with no problems and didn't have to worry about the quality or age of the tapes.
~Alan M
- Alignment Cassette 5 Hz RAMM Speed Check
...So i can check and align. Found so fault transistor and after exchange the
ramm feature works as new. Many thanks and has a nice time.
Tom, Germany
- Alignment Cassettes 3-3/4 ips.
I received the package of (2) cassettes yesterday, so the package took 1 day less than 2 weeks to travel around the world (good to know!). I’m very pleased with the quality. I used both cassettes to calibrate azimuth and playback on 2 different 4 track multitrack recorders. They worked great. Thank you again.
Bravin, US
- Alignment Cassettes.
GennLab's calibration tapes are the real deal. There's no substitute to having an accurate, full-track test tape, especially for azimuth calibration. GennLab makes it easy to acquire one without hunting the internet for a rare and overly expensive original test tape.
- Alignment Cassettes for Nakamichi tape decks x6.
Hello Gennady, I have received the tapes. They are perfect. Thank you from the Netherlands. Kind regards,
-TEAC MXT-116 cassette:
I ordered from Japan . Shipped quickly and arrived in 15days (COVID-19 situation). His responce was quick and the product was so great!
- 1 kHz Track Alignment Cassette 07A.
Placed my order for the Nak 07A head height alignment tape.  Tape arrived in the USA safely.  Tape functions as advertised and confirmed both my 482 and 480 decks were slightly out of alignment on playback.  Happy with Purchase!
Rodger From USA
- Pioneer equivalent cassette GLPIC-331B.
The test tape has arrived! As always, everything is TIP-TOP! I already have some tapes from you and everything is always of a high standard!
Thank you! Marcin
- 1 kHz Track Alignment Cassette 87B.
I bought an 87B cassette and serviced my nakamichi.
It worked great. thank you.