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GennLab HAMMOND Organ samples Disk

GennLab HAMMOND Organ samples Disk

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The A100, C3 and B3 are identical internally. The only difference is in the wooden cabinet: B3 has deep cabinet which stands on 4 legs for stage, C3 is in closed-sided Gothic-design cabinet for church, A100 is the compact version of B3 with identical keyboard, tone generator, 3-level Chorus-Vibrato scanner, preamplifier and sound. Most HAMMOND players agree that these three original tone-wheel HAMMONDS have the full range of features that define the famous HAMMOND sound.
Five full octaves of samples for each preset
Each preset is recorded in two interpretations:
pure tone with Vibrato OFF (MT-files) and with C3 Chorus Vibrato(MC-files).

These samples include the following drawbar registrations:
888888888 Full Organ
008000000 Left Hand Comping
808000000 Hollow Comping
888000000 Classic Jazz
888800000 Fat Rock
688600000 Whiter Shade Of Pale
808800008 Green Onions

Included samples of Pedals:
08 and 88

Also included are 4 sample sets of the 2nd and 3rd Fast and Slow percussion that can be mixed onto any preset.

All samples are recorded using industrial recording equipment with Horn and Drum Leslie speakers at STOP. Best of all to use the Rotary Speaker effect from your sampler
The samples are seamlessly looped (no clicks or pops).
Set the Start Loop point at the beginning of each file and the Stop Loop Point at the end of each file

These samples are compatible with any sampler that takes wave files, sach as the Yamaha Motif, Roland Fantom, Korg Triton, Kurzweil, E-mu, Ensoniq, Akai MPC samplers or software samplers, including Reason, Pro Tools, Logic, Acid, Halion, E-mu, SoundFont, Sound Forge, Cakewalk, Sonar, Emagic, Cubase etc.

HAMMOND A100 Organ

          Leslie 147 speaker cabinet
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