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Standard Alignment (Calibration) Cassettes and Standard Alignment (Calibration) Tapes recorded using professional recording and test equipment
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Professional electronic equipment that has recently been repaired, serviced, modified or redesigned. This has included : Tape recorders (cassette and reel-to-reel), Turntables,
Musical instruments including, guitars, electric pianos, synthesizers, and the respective amplifiers,
Hammond tonewheel organs.
Leslie speaker cabinets,
Mixing consoles, tape reverberators etc.
SIGNAL SOURCES Menu Bar links to:

Standard Alignment Disks.
Hammond tonewheel Organ Samples. (both have been recorded on CD using professional recording and test equipment.
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Reel-to-Reel tapes,
Cassette tapes,
DAT Cassette tapes,
16, 33, 45, 78 rpm Records to CDs or to computer files,
Video tapes,  8mm films.
Equipment recently repaired, serviced, modified or redesigned. This includes professional RF telecommunication equipment, HAM radio equipment etc.
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